Putter Fitting

The putter is the one club that golfers rarely get custom fit for. Most players get custom fit for the other 13 clubs in their bag. This does not make a lot of sense since the majority of most golfers’ strokes taken during a round of golf are with the putter! The putter needs to fit you; your putting stroke is unique. Each golfer’s putting stroke is slightly different and can be enhanced by a properly fit putter. Points that are covered during a putter fitting are:

  • Player Interview
  • Lie angle
  • Length
  • Loft
  • Hosel Configuration
  • Face Balance vs. Toe Flow to Match Stroke Style
  • Grip
  • Static Weight
  • Swing Weight
  • Alignment Aides
  • Head Shape

The personalization of a putter cannot be neglected. A player needs to look down at the putter with confidence. This is the part of the fitting where the player will start discussing preferences and we will test optics. Factors that we will look into are:

  • Alignment Lines vs. No Alignment Lines
  • Head Shape
  • Sound
  • “Feel” at Impact
  • Grip Type and Size

If these basic points are not part of your decision when purchasing a new putter, then you will not be receiving the best fitting putter for your game. Call Brandon if you have any questions and sign up today for the best putter fitting opportunity in the North Shore!

Rate:   $150 per hour


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