Wedge Fitting

Wedge fitting is extremely important for a golfer looking to create better scoring opportunities during a round of golf. 100 yards to the flagstick or less, is the area that normally separates the PGA player from the single digit handicapped amateur golfer and the single digit handicap golfer from the high handicap golfer. Being able to have confidence in all of your wedge shots (full, partial, flop, chip, pitch, and bunker shots) from any lie on the golf course is important if your goal is to shoot lower scores. Golfers’ wedges should be fit for:

  • Lie
  • Loft
  • Yardage Gaps
  • Length
  • Bounce
  • Flange Width
  • Camber
  • Sole Grind
  • Shaft Weight & Flex

All of these variables need to be custom fit for each wedge to maximize a golfers performance inside 100 yards to the flagstick. The way each player creates impact (club head delivery) and turf contact for various shots and course conditions will dictate the specs that are needed.

If these basic considerations are not part of your wedge fitting then you will not be receiving the best fitting for your wedge play and will most likely be adding strokes to your score. Call Brandon if you have any questions and sign up today for the best wedge fitting opportunity in the North Shore!

Rate:   $150 per hour


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