Iron Fitting

The most important element to an iron fitting, after the player interview, is to have accurate, objective data on how well a player strikes iron shots. Variables that are addressed are:
  • Centerness of Contact
  • Clubhead speed
  • Attack Angle
  • Face Angle at Impact
  • Path at Impact
  • Spin Loft
  • Land Angle
  • Max Height
  • Ball Flight
These data points can only be accurately collected by a TrackMan Launch Monitor ( with full ball flight. Once these data points are collected and monitored during the fitting with Trackman then the equipment variables can be modified to best enhance a golfers swing style and club delivery.
  • Shaft Materials and Flex
  • Lie
  • Loft
  • Length
  • Club head Design
  • Set Composition
These basic points must be part of your iron fitting. Call Brandon if you have any questions and sign up today for the best iron fitting opportunity in the North Shore!
Rate:   $150 per hour