Junior Golf

When teaching a private lesson or custom small groups, the instructor/coach should channel 100% of their energy into the instruction. Junior golfers deserve high-energy golf instruction with a foundation in athleticism. Brandon integrates golf, fitness, etiquette, health, and wellness into every junior golf program and more importantly, he knows when to give the proper instruction at the proper developmental age! He has been highly successful teaching all levels of junior golfers. For the aspiring PGA or LPGA Tour player, college/high school competitor, and beginning golfer he creates fun programs that will give each child the best opportunity to reach their golf and athletic goals.

Key Points for Junior Golf Instruction:

  • Have fun coaching ALL levels of golf, athletic development, and create a love for the game
  • The coaches must believe that junior golf coaching is their greatest responsibility, establishing the foundation for golf for the rest of their life
  • Junior Instruction should be based on the principles of Long Term Athletic Development
  • To ensure the best chance of skill acquisition, all junior golfers need to be physically literate by the developmental age of twelve
  • The instructors must have full working knowledge of the “Matthew Effect”, developmental age vs. chronological age, and growth velocity to give the proper instruction at the appropriate time in a junior athlete’s development
  • Encourage and promote a junior golfer’s creativity
  • The instructors must build a core base of golf fundamentals and technique and then (MOST IMPORTANTLY) develop playing ability and the art of playing golf
  • Coaches need to develop a knowledge of golf technique, etiquette, fitness, nutrition, course management, sportsmanship, and how to socialize with others
  • Coaches must be committed to staying educated on best practices of junior golf, performance, development, coaching, health, and wellness

These essentials guarantee your junior golfer will receive the highest quality instruction and coaching.  Feel free to call Brandon today with any question you might have about his junior instructional opportunities.  I look forward to working with your junior athletes soon!


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