Golf Instruction

Who needs golf instruction? 

  • Beginning golfers
  • Any golfer that needs to learn “HOW TO” execute any shot in golf
  • A golfer wants to improve their scores
  • New skill acquisition: Change ball flight, develop more short game tools, etc.
  • Refine an existing skill set
  • Develop an understanding of a golfers tendencies (cause & effect)
  • Identify strengths and weakness in technique
  • Golfers with performance goals
  • Objectively identify a golfers golf skills, physical abilities, and mental skills (Assessment)

Golfers don’t get better by accident.  I create individual programs for every level of golfer at any age and include instruction as needed. Ladies, men, children, beginners, high handicap, low handicap, high school golfers, college golfers, and tour players can improve with an efficient program that matches their level commitment to performing better on the golf course.

“Don’t guess what you can measure.” I embrace all golf technology that can accurately measure what is happening to the body and the golf club during the golf swing. With the combination of K-Vest, Trackman, Bodi-Trak, Capto, and video I can get a clear picture of what is actually happening. I consider this combination the ultimate diagnostic tool for the golf swing. I take this data and create programs to efficiently help students reach their goals.

While some instruction is needed for all golfers they must strive to move out of instruction (How to swing, technical thoughts, block practice) and into a coaching model.  Traditional instruction has a student working with an instructor learning how to perform a skill.  The student is then left to work on this skill (alone) on a driving range and they will hit a large amount of balls with one club (block practice).  They will try repeatedly to perfect the instruction. 

While this is necessary at first to learn a new skill it only allows for about 3% of transference of skill to the golf course.  Most golfers never leave this stage of learning (step one in the four steps for mastery)!  This traditional approach is one of the reasons the phrase, “I hit it great on the range but it doesn’t transfer to the golf course” is so common.  Once the instruction is received it is much more efficient to incorporate the new information into a performance plan (see Performance Coaching tab for more information).

Feel free to contact Brandon anytime if you would like to learn more about golf instruction and he can get you playing better golf today!


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