Long Game Fitting

In the last 10 years, long game fitting has changed dramatically for all golfers with the advent of the hybrid and changes in fairway wood design. With iron lofts getting stronger in the last few years, long irons have become exceedingly difficult to hit consistently for most golfers. Hybrids have made this part of the game much easier with a head design that is more forgiving than the long irons. Since the head designs are more similar to woods, most manufactures have put long, lightweight shafts in these clubs. This causes most golfers to experience yardage gaps and overlaps in this part of their equipment. 

A long game fitting starts with the player interview because Brandon needs to know some information about your golf game and how the long game fits into your overall golf game. He will ask you many questions like: Do you like hitting 3 wood off the fairway or only off the tee? How well do you hit your long irons?

When participating in a long game fitting, a player must have TrackMan data regarding:

  • Carry Distance
  • Angle of Attack
  • Path at Impact
  • Face at Impact
  • Spin Rate
  • Landing Angle
  • Spin Loft
  • Launch Angle
  • 3 Wood Carry Distance Compared to Longest Playable Iron Carry Distance

These data points can only be accurately collected by a Trackman Launch Monitor (trackman.dk) with full ball flight. Once all data is collected from Trackman, we will have a clear picture of what equipment will best fit into your bag for your long game.

These basic points must be part of your long game to achieve positive results. Call Brandon if you have any questions and sign up today for the best long game fitting opportunity in the North Shore!

Rate: $150 per hour


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