Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching includes assessing ALL the variables that contribute to success on the golf course (technique, mental skills, fitness, health, wellness, golf IQ, practice/training, tendencies, equipment, accountability, etc.).  Once every variable is assessed and both golfer and coach understand the goals, expectations, and resources, a performance plan is created.

Why do we need a performance plan?

  • Consistency /continuity with practice/training
  • Accountability (You can’t get upset about the result you don’t get from the work you didn’t do)
  • Incredible efficiency in practice time
  • The weakest link breaks down under pressure – Performance Plans give a road map to deal with break down(s) and strengthen weakest link(s)
  • Practice in a way that gives the golfer the best chance for new skills to transfer to the golf course quickly
  • Shatter performance plateau

Every golfer should go through the four steps for mastery (Dr. Rick Jensen & Henry Brunton – Certified Golf Coaches Association)

1. Understanding Cause & Effect – Instruction, Player Interview, Player Assessment
2. Supervised Practice – Personalized performance program, repetition with feedback, structured practice activities, introduction to mental skills, inclusion of BLOCK and RANDOM practice 
3. Transfer Training – Exposure to various conditions, performance exercises with objective feedback, training with pressure, introduction to objective post shot/round interview
4. PLAY! – On course training, course management, decision making, self-management, and on-course ball control skills

Going through these four steps for mastery is the most efficient way to learn any golf skill.  These four step involve using instruction AND coaching at the proper times during a players development.

Many golfers have been exposed to instruction (Step 1) but never move on to step 2,3, and 4 with any type of plan and are left to “beat balls” on the range with very little chance for the skills to transfer to the golf course (“I hit it great on the range but then stink on the course!”).  Golfers that stay on the first step too long may also be consumed with technical thoughts, that are NOT CONDUCIVE to maximum performance on the golf course.

When golfers have time to work on their golf game but get frustrated that the improvement doesn’t seem to match their effort, the first thing to address is the golfer’s improvement plan. 


3 Thoughts to Understand with Performance

There are three main reasons why brilliant, hard working golfers don’t achieve their goals:

1. They do not understand and believe in a method, concept, or adjustment and therefore lack continuity over time.  Understand WHY you are working on a certain skill, HOW it improves performance, and HOW you are evaluating improvement.
2. They do not practice in a way that develops efficient learning, skill development, or retention.  An efficient program includes Block Practice (3% transference to the golf course), Random Practice (90% transference to the golf course), and Competition/Games (90% transference to the golf course). 
3. They do not own the mental performance skills that would allow them to either perform at or close to, their maximum potential.  I know most golfers believe that great golf is mostly mental.  Yet given this belief, they still have no concept of how to get their mind or body ready to perform, let alone own a mental strategy for the long term.  Do you practice your mental skills on a regular basis?  Do you have a Fixed or Growth Mind-set?

(Information paraphrased from 2013 personal coaching notes from James Sieckmann)


Brandon is highly skilled at developing Performance Plans.  Each are individually designed for every player base on their specific goals.  A golfer on the PGA Tour will have a very different program than a recreational golfer.  A Performance Coach knows the difference and creates programs that challenge golfers in a way that helps them grow and develop the skills they need to achieve their goals.


Feel free to contact Brandon anytime if you would like to learn more about performance coaching and take steps to get you playing better golf today.


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