Playing Assessment

In no other sport is the training ground or practice area so different than where we play and compete.  The practice facilities for golf are sterile, perfect, and fixed.  A golfer on a range can hit multiple shots to the same target.  However when golfer plays golf on a golf course it’s fluid, dynamic, and we only get one shot!  Golfers are faced with different hole locations, lies, weather, strategies, pressure, and decision making with consequences.

Sometimes golfers are too close to the situation to make objective assessments about their own game.  When we play on the golf course, we combine our golf skills with our mind-set to try to maximize our performance on the that day.

Brandon believes that playing assessments are one of the most valuable service he provides.  Golfers can only self-assess to the level of knowledge they have; golfers normally have subjective bias about certain aspects of their game.  Brandon brings 34 years of coaching experience to evaluate golfers during the playing assessment.  Golf is an inconsistent game and we are going to miss shots from time to time.  Having clear, objective feedback about why we miss shots is one of the keys to making corrections.

During a playing assessment we will evaluate:

  • Mental skills before, during, and after the round
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Gather objective data on performance
  • Understand causes of misses: technical, mental, physical
  • Pre-shot routine
  • Post shot interview
  • Post round interview
  • Course management/decision making

Brandon follows the four steps to mastery model and does not prescribe golf instruction while playing.  Thinking about swing mechanics while trying to play golf can decrease the chance of playing to our potential.

Feel free to contact Brandon anytime if you would like to learn more about playing assessments and how he can to get you playing better golf today!


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