Driver Fitting

Brandon has not met a golfer yet that has said, “I really need to hit my driver shorter and less consistent.” Every golfer wants to hit the driver longer and straighter. Every company or group that is in the market to sell equipment knows that fact and promise to deliver more distance and accuracy with new equipment. The good news is that the technology exists ( to precisely measure whether or not these distance gain claims are true. So before you run out and buy the newest driver with some high tech sounding prototype shaft, set up an appointment for a quality driver fitting. 

The Essentials of a Quality Driver Fitting:

  • Start the fitting process with a player interview.
  • Like Brandon, the fitting professional must have a strong background in teaching, understanding club head delivery, swing mechanics/technique, equipment performance, and how/when to apply this knowledge.
  • THE USE OF A TRACKMAN LAUNCH MONITOR IS ESSENTIAL because it ensures accurate club and ball data is collected on every shot. Using any other launch monitor, no matter what a fitting professional or manufacturer tries to tell you, is going to give the fitter inconsistent data at best!
  • Driver fitting should take place outside with full ball flight just as golf is played with full ball flight. Fittings for all clubs need to emulate playing golf as much as possible. After all, you are not trying to hit driver well into a net, you are trying to maximize driver performance on the golf course.
  • An accurate fitting can only take place if the fitter uses high performance, premium golf balls. Range balls are fine for warming up, but useless for a proper driver fitting (or any club fitting for that matter).
  • Must have access to a variety of head designs, lofts, shafts, and shaft lengths.
  • The fitters goal should be to help you play better golf NOT just sell you a driver.

These essentials guarantee you will receive the best fitting driver for your game. Call Brandon if you have any questions and sign up today for the best driver fitting opportunity in the North Shore!

Rate:   $150 per hour


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