Instruction & Coaching



Instructionan outline, manual, or advice from a professional of technical procedure: DIRECTIONS(How to swing a golf club, technique)


When is Instruction Important?

ØBeginning golfers – A foundation of “how to swing the club”

ØLearning a new skill – A new short game shot 

ØRefining an existing skill – How to re-enforce technical aspects of golf mechanics – drills, exercises, training aides


BLOCK PRACTICE is the most efficient form of practice during this stage of development (3% transference to the golf course – Jensen & Brunton)


Coaching: to instruct, direct, or prompt as a coach 

Guided training for performance (How to perform at or close to maximum ability on the golf course)


Coaching is important when?

ØGolfers feel they are not performing well on the golf course 

ØGolfers state, “ I hit the ball better on the range verses the golf course!”

ØPerformance plateaus and the desire is to improve skills

ØThe goal is to compete

ØMost of the golfer’s goals are performance based (lower handicap, shoot personal best, etc.)


RANDOM PRACTICE is the most efficient form of practice during this stage of development (90% transference to the golf course – Jensen & Brunton)


Every golfer should go through the four steps for mastery (Dr. Rick Jensen & Henry Brunton – Certified Golf Coaches Association)

1.   Understanding Cause & Effect– Instruction, Player Interview, Player Assessment 

2.  Supervised Practice– Personalized performance program, repetition with feedback, structured practice activities, introduction to mental skills, inclusion of BLOCK and RANDOM practice  

3.  Transfer Training– Exposure to various conditions, performance exercises with objective feedback, training with pressure, and introduction to objective post shot/round interview

4.  PLAY! – On course training, course management, decision making, self-management, on-course ball control skills


Going thru these four steps for mastery is the most efficient way to learn any golf skill. These four steps involve using instruction AND coaching at the proper times during a players development.


Many golfers have been exposed to instruction (Step 1), but never move on to step 2,3, and 4 with any type of plan and are left to “beat balls” on the range with very little chance for the skills to transfer to the golf course (“I hit it great on the range, but then stink on the course!”).  Golfers that stay on the first step too long may also be consumed with technical thoughts, that are NOT CONDUCIVE to maximum performance on the golf course.


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