• “How can I help you?” Most important question I ask at the beginning of our first meeting. Your goals are my goals. I do not teach one way or method to all students. Listening to your goals and objectives, then working together to efficiently reach those goals is priority number one while having fun.
  • Everything Can Affect Everything – golf is a holistic endeavor. Your fitness (stability, mobility, range of motion, strength, body shape and size) can affect your technique or swing style. How you eat, sleep, and practice can determine how successful you are at executing under pressure. That’s why I have incorporated in my interview process physical screens, golf skills test, lifestyle assessments, and metabolic typing tests to make sure we are addressing the cause of your problems, not chasing symptoms.
  • Purchasing new equipment can only enhance technique and fitness, not replace it. I can get a student to gain more distance and/or consistency by making their club head delivery more efficient than a new golf club or clubs can. Too many golfers think that they can “buy” a game and now there are plenty of companies willing to let you spend a lot of money on equipment promising greater distance and accuracy.
  • Junior golf instruction is the greatest responsibility an instructor has. When junior golfers first start trying to play, they are starting to develop the swing style they will have for the rest of their life. Junior golfers should build their golf swing around a solid base of Fundamental Movement Patterns and work towards physical literacy by the developmental age of twelve.   They need to have as much fun as possible while learning the fundamentals of athleticism as well as golf and etiquette.
  • Golfers don’t get better by accident. I create individual programs for every level of golfer at any age. Ladies, men, children, beginners, high handicap, low handicap, high school golfers, college golfers, and tour players can improve with an efficient program that matches their level commitment to performing better on the golf course.
  • “Don’t guess what you can measure.” I embrace all golf technology that can accurately measure what is happening to the body and the golf club during the golf swing. With the combination of K-Vest, Trackman, and video I can get a clear picture of what is actually happening. I consider this combination the ultimate diagnostic tool for the golf swing. I take this data and create programs to methodically help students reach their goals.
  • “If your not sure, refer.” I have a network of professionals doing some outstanding work in there disciplines. Most of them have educated me on nutrition, fitness, golf instruction, club fitting, lifestyle assessment, and junior development and I can answer most questions in these areas. If I reach a point where I don’t have the answer I can always pick up the phone and search out an answer. I’m always looking for the next educational moment.
  • Always have fun! Golf is an amazing game that has brought me a lot of joy. Whether it’s teaching today, playing tomorrow or thinking back to playing with my father as a kid, I love this game. Every time I’m with a student, at a golf course, or even just talking about golf I enjoy sharing my passion. I will always make time to try to help someone enjoy this great game!


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