Club Fitting

Golf equipment has always fascinated Brandon. Even as a junior golfer he would watch how a Titleist balata golf ball would react differently than a Pinnacle ball off a driver and around the greens. Persimmon woods changed to graphite and exotic metals; a driver shaft changed from 43-inch steel or aluminum to 45-48 inch ultra light graphite; and as all of the technology has evolved in the equipment, so has Brandon’s knowledge and passion for custom club fitting.
The days of golf professionals watching a golfer hit range balls onto a range without a TrackMan giving objective feedback to decide what is the best equipment for your game is a thing of the past! Players deserve more for their investment. Today with the help of the most advance launch monitor in the industry, TrackMan ( for more info), Brandon can fit wedges, irons, hybrids, fairway metals, and drivers with the most precise data in the industry on every shot. There is no need to guess when you can measure actual performance. Brandon offers the highest quality fitting experience at a reasonable priceBrandons fittings include:
  • Use of Titleist Prov1 or Prov1x golf balls - Inconsistent golf balls (range balls) create inconsistent results and should NEVER be used during a fitting other than to warm up.
  • TrackMan Launch Monitor – It’s the best launch monitor in the industry with the most accurate data (26 data points on every shot)
  • Full Ball Flight – When you play golf, you have full ball flight and react to that ball flight. When you get fit for equipment, Brandon wants you to have the closest experience a player can to playing a round of golf. Hitting into an indoor cage cannot simulate real playing conditions enough to ensure a high quality fitting.
  • Honest and verified results - Brandon can improve your equipment’s performance. He will put the proper equipment in your hands or adjust your current equipment as needed. Brandon wants you to play better and improve performance on the golf course, not just sell you equipment. If new equipment does not out perform your current equipment; he will tell you.
If you want the best fitting experience available and you want an honest equipment evaluation, sign up with Brandon today for any of his fitting opportunities! See specific club and ball fitting pages for more details and rates.