NOrth Shore Elite Golf Performance Academy

North Shore Elite Golf Performance Academy

“Change your swing…transform your life!”
The North Shore Elite Golf Performance Academy unites the golf experience and education of two of the most knowledgeable PGA Golf Instructors in the Chicago area. Brandon Wessel and Bob Dickman have created a partnership to provide the highest level of holistic golf instruction to the North Shore. With almost 50 years of combined experience in golf instruction and their passion for helping all golfers play better golf, they have created the ultimate learning center experience. Besides teaching a high volume of private lessons, they have come together to teach: junior classes, for ladies’ only groups, corporate clinics, educational seminars, and half or full day experience.
Some general concepts that are at the heart of the Academy are:
  • Swing efficiency is one of the few commonalities of the best players in the world. There are many different types of swing styles thus the Academy doesn’t teach a single method or model to swing the club.
Swing efficiency and club head delivery are important points to understand. Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk look very different swinging a golf club on T.V. or to the naked eye. However, their golf swings look similar with the help of 3D motion capture. That is one of many reasons Brandon and Bob do not subscribe to a “one swing fits all” mentality. This is also the reason they use K-Vest 3D motion capture, to see what the eye and video cannot.
  • Club head delivery needs to be monitored on a regular basis. Changes in the golf swing should only be made to improve impact and match a student’s performance goals.
Brandon and Bob always start their lessons by asking the question; “How can we help you today?” Player interview is combined with swing efficiency data and club head delivery data to find the CAUSE of a player’s problems verses chasing SYMPTOMS. This cannot be looked at with video, naked eye, or watching ball flight. A Trackman launch monitor is the ONLY piece of equipment that can accurately measure club head delivery. When making changes to a player’s golf swing, a responsible golf instructor will measure the club head delivery at the same time to make sure it matches up to the player’s goals for ball striking and ball flight. 


  • “Everything Affects Everything!” Golf is a holistic endeavor and as such, when a player makes ANY kind of change (lifestyle, golf technique, fitness, nutrition, etc.) it can radically change golf performance.
This is why Brandon and Bob evaluate their students on a regular basis to ensure all students are on the proper path to achieve their personal goals. By objectively evaluating students with K-Vest, Trackman, video analysis, physical screens, and lifestyle screens Brandon and Bob have reliable data in which to measure each student’s improvement.
 In order to improve, players must make a choice to change their golf game and commit to that change.  Brandon and Bob will create a positive change in your golf game. The Academy will change your life! Sign up today for one of the many golf opportunities the North Shore Elite Golf Performance Academy has to offer.
Winter Training Facility
Synergy Fitness & Sports
13960 Rockland Road
Libertyville, IL 60048
NE Corner of the Lakeshore Harley Davidson Building by Lambs Farm
Summer Training Facility
Willow Hill Golf Course
1350 Willow Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
Team of Professionals:
Brandon Wessel: Founder of Brandon Wessel Golf & Fitness and President of the North Shore Elite Golf Performance Academy, Brandon is Class A PGA member with a passion for the game of golf. Brandon is a Certified Titleist Performance Institute Level 3 Golf Instructor, Certified Level 2 TPI Biomechanist, Certified TPI Level 3 Junior Coach, Level 2 Trackman Certified Professional, and a C.H.E.K Institute Level 1 Holistic Lifestyle Coach.   Brandon combines his high energy with his experience to provide the highest level of golf instruction for all ages and abilities. His belief is that “everything affects everything” and he creates programs to efficiently fix the cause of poor golf performance. From golf technique, equipment fitting, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle, he can assess each variable and create a program to best help each individual reach their golf goals.
C. (847)-275-3665  
Bob Dickman: President of Robert Dickman Golf and Chairman of the North Shore Elite Golf Performance Academy, Bob has been a Class A PGA Professional for 25 years and has taught players who have won over 45 tournaments on tour. He is a Certified Level 3 Titleist Performance Institute Golf Instructor, Certified Level 3 Junior Coach, and a Certified Level 2 Titleist Performance Institute Biomechanist.
C. (847)-877-7779   


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