Golf is the ultimate individual sport. Unlike team sports, a golfer can only rely on their abilities and athleticism for success. Since golf is an individual athletic endeavor, golf instruction should be tailored to the individual. Brandon is not a model teacher, which means he does not teach just one method of golf swing, pitching, chipping, bunker play, or putting technique. A lesson always starts by understanding the student’s goals during the player interview. Brandon then creates programs to efficiently help students reach their golf performance goals. During a golf training session he uses Trackman to analyze club head delivery at impact, K-Vest 3D bio-feed back to evaluate a golfers efficiency of movement, and video to observe a golfers swing style. Brandon also takes each student through a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) physical screen, holistic lifestyle screen, and several skills tests to assess strengths and weakness of each player. These tools plus the 24 years of experience allow him to develop the most efficient program to reach your goals.
Coaching Services:
 Brandon Wessel’s teaching philosophy is based on building a swing that will integrate technique, fitting, and fitness in order to optimize an individual’s power source.  Brandon is one of the few Golf Professionals in the country to be certified:
  • Level 3 TPI Golf Professional
  • Level 3 TPI Junior Coach
  • Level 2 TPI Biomechanist
  • Trackman Certified Professional Level 1 & 2 and working towards Masters
  • CHEK Level 1 Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Education and mentoring from the world’s best golf & fitness instructors has enabled Brandon to employ teaching methods which have revolutionized the game.

Coaching Sessions Include
  • Comprehensive player interview
  • Personalized V-1 video analysis with side-by-side tour professionals swing comparison for the student..
  • K-Vest 3D Motion Analysis to measure swing efficiency
  • Titleist Performance Institute Swing Drills and Screening
  • Synergy Training Methodics and Referrals as Needed
  • Trackman integration to measure impact efficiency
  • Full game assessment
Training Technologies
V-1 Video Analysis: The Number 1 Video Analysis System in Sports.  This system allows multi angle slow motion analysis with side-by-side comparison to tour professionals.
Putting Lab:  Chicago Sun Times featured state-of-the-art TOMI putting lab. TOMI records the 8 critical parameters of your putting stroke which allows the instructor and student to build a stroke that fits and optimizes training of that stroke.
Titleist Performance Institute:  The largest collection of golf specific health and fitness information from the world’s leading experts in the game.  As a certified Level 3 Golf Professional, Level 3 Junior Golf Coach, and Level 2 Golf Biomechanist Brandon integrates golf specific training into an individual's lesson plan.
Trackman: The Trackman Pro outdoor/indoor unit is the industry's most accurate tool for the measurement of the golf swing and entire flight of the ball from impact to landing while displaying its 3D trajectory in real time. It is the first of its kind to measure the complete path of any shot, ranging from short pitches to 400-yard drives, Trackman Pro pinpoints the landing position with an accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards. All clubface, swing and ball flight data, from club speed to hang time, is illustrated and delivered in easy to understand, scalable data.
In this game there are no short cuts to improve. It takes time and energy to work towards a goal and achieve it. For all golfers who are serious about getting better at this game and are willing to work, sign up for a lesson today and Brandon will develop a program to change your swing and transform your life!


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